2014-15 Term 3 All Years – Project: CCA Projection Intervention


Students from the Glasgow School of Art Digital Culture programme have been invited to respond to the term “culture” through discrete, projected interventions within the context of CCA. In these temporary installation works, which take place over three evenings, students consider the cultural and architectural context of the CCA space, producing compelling experimental and responsive artworks using projection-mapping and realtime feedback.

2014-15 Term 2 Year 3 – Project: Sense and Sensibility

Callum Richie

The theme of this project is ‘awareness’ and the focus is on meaning, execution, and critical reasoning.  It is a rapid project that  requires research, development and realisation within a very short timescale. Students are introduced to audio input and computer vision techniques using webcams, Kinects, and TSPS, and how these can be sensed and used in the Processing environment.


2014-15 Term 2 Year 2 – Project: Living Walls

Viola Rekvenyi

Working independently, students create a meaningful, visually engaging site-specific projection map. Using mapping technology they create a dynamic digital projection made of animated texts to create an engaging experience for the viewer in an attempt to blur the barrier between the virtual and the real world, conveying as the title suggests, the sense that the walls of the building have come alive. This provides an opportunity to create a thrilling visionary path between real architecture and virtual stories through digitally augmenting the building with multiple layers of video filmed over several days.

2014-15 Term 2 Year 1- Project: Augmented Sculpture

Vitalijius Prismontas

Students worked independently to create a meaningful projection-mapped sculpture. They build physical sculpture elements using prepared boxes, simple furniture, found objects. These could  be assembled as a floor-based piece, hanging piece, or wall piece. The idea is to use objects as bare projection surfaces so either white or light-coloured objects should be used. The projections could both add to the surface of the objects and highlight around objects.

2014-15 Term 2 Year 3 – Project: Livecode Mobile

Katy Gilchrist

In this project, students explore the domain of mobile application development using the Livecode platform. Mobile application development allows access to specific sensors and modes of operation ­detecting motion, acceleration, rotation, heading and location. Mobile­specific controls for accessing network resources and APIs, panning and controlling images, accessing cameras and pre­built UI elements are also available for experimentation and implementation. Students are encouraged to employ an experimental approach with an aim to produce an engaging artistically­driven response.

2014-15 Term 2 Year 2 – Project: Typography and Motion

Kirstin Mechan

This year two motion graphics project combined typography with motion. Students were asked to consider patterns and rhythms created by motion visual language and the message contained within words and images. They also had to take into consideration the filmic conventions, such as, editing, transitions, lighting, focus, and camera angles utilised in their earlier Screen Language project.