2014-15 Term 2 Year 2 – Project: Typography and Motion

Kirstin Mechan

This year two motion graphics project combined typography with motion. Students were asked to consider patterns and rhythms created by motion visual language and the message contained within words and images. They also had to take into consideration the filmic conventions, such as, editing, transitions, lighting, focus, and camera angles utilised in their earlier Screen Language project.

Guest Lecture 26/02/15 – Dr Stuart Jeffrey – New Approaches to Digital Heritage : Co-production, authenticity and art


This talk will look at evolving approaches to engagement in the heritage sector looking specifically at digital co-production and the value of creative response. The talk will explore the context in which these approaches are emerging from political notions of democratisation and re-thinking the role of the expert, to the concepts of authenticity and aura in the digital realm. Two recent case studies will be discussed as examples, the AHRC funded ACCORD project and the Creative Scotland funded George Square site specific music project.

Guest Lecture 12/02/15 – Mark Baillie & Ryan Sackett – Rules to live your design life by


Ryan Sackett and Mark Baillie, UX Designer and Design Director at Blonde Digital, shared their guide to living a successful design life on 12th February 2015. The common thread running through their 16 “rules” was communication and collaboration; the essential human factors that always transcend technology.

Mark (Design Director) and Ryan (UX Designer) work at Blonde Digital, a full service award winning digital agency of over 80 talented individuals. Together they are responsible for the creative output of the agency and have pieced together their top set of rules that step you successfully through life in a design agency – including winning work, doing great work and selling your ideas (with all the ups and downs that working in a creative environment bring)

Guest Lecture 22/01/15 – Duich McKay – Life as a User-Experience Designer of Mobile Apps

whiteboard 03

In his guest talk on Thursday 29th January, Duich Mackay highlighted the every changing nature of design. During a career that has seen Duich’s job title change from Graphic Designer – Web Designer – Communication Designer to User Experience Designer, he emphasised the need to detach skills from the craft of design. Now, working as a user-experience designer of mobile apps at J.P. Morgan within development teams of business analysts and developers Duich makes a significant contribution to the usability of their mobile apps. The ability to do this stresses the importance of understanding the craft of design.