2017-18 Semester 1 Year 3 – Narrative Systems

What considerations should we have as designers of interactive information systems? How can we deliver contextual content in a staged and understandable way? What are the design affordances and special cases in creating media for public consumption?

This intense and public-facing project explored these questions and others through collaboration with the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust, an organisation specialising the the preservation and display of classic buses. The students worked as a team towards a two-evening public event, producing an array of diverse responses to the space. Large-scale multi-screen projections, mapping, sound works and VR were among the approaches taken.

Mara Childs – Typographic

Anthony Garnett & Neil Gilchrist – A to B

Steve Curtis & Hana Seo – Patterns

Paul Lersveen – Ø

Sean Houston & Louise Wheeldon – Bonkle Baby Bus