New Designers London 2019

Interaction Design had 4 students representing at his year’s New Designers at the Business Design Centre in London. The work was very well received, with great feedback and engagement from many hundreds of visitors and fellow exhibitors throughout the week. New Designers gives students the opportunity to meet and develop working relationships with the creative industries.

2017-18 Semester 2 Year 1 – Soundscapes

This project is an introduction to creative sound design. You are required to create a 1-minute soundscape on any topic of your choice. You will be introduced to sound recording, sound editing and sound mixing techniques to help explore your topic. This is an audio only project but the techniques covered will be relevant for film soundtracking.

2017-18 Semester 1 Year 2 – Living Walls


Charlotte Holland

In this project, second-year students created site-specific projection maps. They used mapping software to make dynamic digital projections of animated elements; blurring the perceived boundaries between the virtual and the real world to convey the sense that surfaces of the building are responsive.

2017-18 Semester 1 Year 3 – Narrative Systems

What considerations should we have as designers of interactive information systems? How can we deliver contextual content in a staged and understandable way? What are the design affordances and special cases in creating media for public consumption?

This intense and public-facing project explored these questions and others through collaboration with the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust, an organisation specialising the the preservation and display of classic buses. The students worked as a team towards a two-evening public event, producing an array of diverse responses to the space. Large-scale multi-screen projections, mapping, sound works and VR were among the approaches taken.

Mara Childs – Typographic

Anthony Garnett & Neil Gilchrist – A to B

Steve Curtis & Hana Seo – Patterns

Paul Lersveen – Ø

Sean Houston & Louise Wheeldon – Bonkle Baby Bus