Hello World!

The ‘Hello World’ project is the first project of the academic year and an opportunity for new students to introduce themselves to existing students. It is an ungraded, social project designed to ease students into the new year. This year Hello World asks students to consider the concept of the ‘Deconstructed Selfie’. A selfie is of course a well-known digital expression as evidenced in social media such as Snapchat and Instagram. This project hopes to dissect this concept further discussing the idea of self-portraiture and self-interpretation – essentially which pictorial elements describe me? In groups, students were asked to interrogate these four thematic elements which influence how they compose their ‘Selfie’: Colour  Form  Letter  Number . The collection of resulting images was loaded into a custom presentation app made in Processing, which randomly displayed students’ images and information and projected at large scale at the end-of-project social event.