2016-17 Term 1 Year 2 – Design Domain


Paul Lersveen

Design Domain functions as a vehicle for students to explore their design process by relating it to practice within their own discipline and beyond their own subject in the wider ‘domain’ of design. Within the overall theme of TRANSFORM, each studio will frame its briefs for each year group in relation to one of the broader core thematics and/or a related selection of provocations: Re-Build, Re-Act, Re-Invent, Re-engage.

2016-17 Term 1 Year 1 – Design Domain


Sally Nimmo

Design Domain is a School of Design course done by all 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students over two blocks in Terms 1 and 2, thus fostering a depth and intensity of experience. The Design Domain remit is to consolidate awareness of design in the broader cultural field, highlighting the relationship between the studio’s specialist subject area and other bodies of knowledge out with the studio discipline but connectable to it.

2016-17 Term 1 Year 1 – Cross School Course


Valentine Scherer

In this project, first-year students from all GSA Design, Fine Art and Architecture programmes collaborated in the Cross School Course. The brief titled, Tomorrows Town, required students to work in teams and consider what the future would be like in the next 100 years at the given site in Glasgow.

2016-17 Term 1 Year 3 – Mobile Apps


Grant Glennie

This project explores the domain of mobile application development using the Livecode platform and Adobe XD. Livecode mobile application development allows access to specific sensors and modes of operation. Adobe XD allows easy layout, experimentation, and prototyping of UI and UX.

2016-17 Term 1 Year 1 – Media Artist Tool Kit


Sally Nimmo

This project is primarily a research-based activity, articulated and shared through the medium of a ‘Wiki’. Students research a media subject and develop a simple rich media page – containing text, image, video, sound, etc. to clearly communicate the key ideas behind their subject.