2013-14 Term 1 Second Year Project 4 – Screen Language

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Project Title: Screen Language

Project Leader: Gillian Moffat

Project Overview: The short film dates back to 1910, when theatres screened short subject films before feature length movies. The format was so well received that many studios had outlets that exclusively featured  these one-reel films. The challenge of this project is to create a short film of no more that 60 seconds in length around the theme of HEAT.

HEAT Watch the film

Comp 1_1_00201

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2013-14 Term 1 Third Year Project 3 – Data Visualisation

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Project Title: Data Visualisation

Project Leader: Paul Maguire

Project Overview: Data is everything and everywhere. How do we make sense of such “big data”? This project aims to equip students with the ability to visually encode data using procedural methods, exploring different graphing “types”, spacial mapping, and the use of scale, colour and position to create meaningful, interpretative realisations of multi-dimensional information.



color-rose galaxy





2013-14 Term 1 Second Year Project 3 – Vine video

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Project Title: Vine Video

Project Leader: Paul Maguire

Project Overview: Imposing creative constraints on artists often elicits an ingenious creative response. A 6 second loop of square video created using an app-based proprietary authoring tool and social network? Now there is a constraint! This short project encourages consideration and experimentation: consideration of the core characteristics of the medium; and experimentation with those constraints.


2013-14 Term 1 Second Year Project 2 – 3D Sketching in Maya

Project Title: 3D Sketching

Project Leader: Gillian Moffat

Project Overview:

Building on the Drawing project from week one select one or two line drawings you made and use these as the starting point for your exploration of ‘sketching’ within the digital three-dimensional environment of Maya. Consider on how the intervention of technology either enhances or is of detriment to these qualities.


a1Brainstorming sketches looking a irregular geometric shapes and also how to use the umbrella shape in an abstract 3D form.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 22.13.40

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 22.32.15

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 23.14.49


2013-14 Term 1 All Years Project 1 – Drawing Project


Digital Culture, which launched in 2011, is now entering it’s third year. The first term got off to a great start and all students participated in a week long drawing project. We also welcomed new members of staff who are  highly qualified in digital specialisms. With their complimentary expertise students will learn the specialist skillsets required by digital artists and designers.



GSofA Digital Culture – Yann Seznec


On Tuesday 22nd January 2013 Yann Seznec gave a very engaging and entertaining lecture about his interactive sound design and performance art to Glasgow School of Art students who are studying the Digital Culture elective. It was generous of him to come on the same day Lucky Frame launched their new game Wavetrip. Wave Trip is a musical arcade game for iPad and iPhone.

Please check it out:


Yann’s artwork can also be found at The Amazing Rolo