2015-16 Term 2 Year 3 – Audio Visual


Karolina Kucha

This brief project was an exploration of the visualisation of sound within Processing. Students were expected to create an interpretative sound reactive visual application.In practical terms, this meant creating a simple animated graphic response to the playback of sounds.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 2 – Make Some Noise

Laura Griffee

This brief project introduced the implementation of sound within Processing. Students explored the sound capabilities of Processing to produce a simple ‘sound toy’. This could be either generative (changes over time on its own) or interactive (users interact by pressing keys, clicking, etc.), or a mix of both.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 1 – Soundscapes


Taylor Kyle

This project was an introduction to creative sound mixing. Students were required to create a 1-minute soundscape on any topic of choice. Students were introduced to sound recording, sound editing and sound mixing techniques to help explore a topic.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 2 – Javascript

Laura Griffee

This project provided students with an introduction to JavaScript, exploring its expressive possibilities. JavaScript has grown as the programming language of the dynamic web facilitating richer interactive experiences across many platforms. Students look at the fundamentals of the language and how it inter-operates with the browser, HTML5 and related web technologies.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 1 – Augmented Sculpture


Samuel Velebný

The brief was to create a meaningful projection-mapped sculpture by first building a physical sculpture element using prepared boxes, simple furniture, found objects. Students explore sculptural form and the way light affects the form, documenting this exploration using stills and video.