Graphic Narratives Year 2

This is a Year 2 group project where students work collaboratively to create an engaging piece of motion graphics. By using multiple sources,  photographs, video clips, and street plans bring to life the history of Glasgow’s high rise flats, once promoted as the utopian solution for social housing that by the turn of the 21st century were earmarked for demolition.

Web APIs

How can Art and Design make relations and links between people and software? How and where does art reside within these modern relations, rather than outside of them?

Students explored what is interesting about working with data which is live and changing over-time and as a result what creative opportunity does this provides them with.

Using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and P5.JS (Javascript) students created a range of creative, critical responses within the web browser which are driven by API data.

Data Visualisation

The Data Visualisation project this year produced a diverse range of outcomes including: a large scale printed geometric interpretations of multiple natural disasters, a realtime 3D navigable ‘landscape of deprivation’, a huge wall grid of encoded personal film viewing habits, an interactive sculpture inspired by braille, and a light installation reflecting Japanese earthquake data.