2018-19 Semester 1 Year 3 – Graphic Narratives

In this month-long project students explored how infographics are visually represented creatively and contextually.

Using animated Infographics, students investigate methods of communicating information, increasing viewer engagement, understanding and enjoyment. Many imaginative responses ranged educating, informing and entertaining experiences with a strong focus on storytelling and creativity.

2018-19 Semester 1 Year 2 – Web APIs

This two-week project allows students to question how they make contextual and physical links between people and software.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) allow us to make a connection between computers, communicating within a network and exchanging exciting sources of information. In this project students explored what was interesting about working with data which is live and changing over-time and as a result what creative opportunity did it provide them.

Using P5.js students created a range of creative and critical responses to this brief that were driven by live data sources.

2018-19 Semester 1 Year 1 – Web Fundamentals

Throughout this two-week project students are introduced to web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (P5.js). By transforming the direction of their creativity into a web browser students are asked to produce a digital response to this new medium. taking into consideration what new, creative contexts the web browser introduces by focusing the work around key words such as: network, sharing, connections and communication.

Students used playful methods to create a range on responses such as web apps, interactive infographics, and digital drawing tools.

2018-19 Semester 1 Year 2 – Control

Students are introduced to physical computing techniques and creating a ‘control’ device to creative responsive digital artworks. Students are asked to question ‘What other ways can we use to control a computer, other than simply using a keyboard and a mouse?’ and ‘How can we interpret the thematic word ‘Control’ beyond just its literal meaning?’.

Throughout this four-week project students creatively and expressively explore Arduino, Firmata and rapid fabrication techniques such as laser-cutting.