2017-18 Semester 1 Year 1 – Media Artist Toolkit


Chun_Tien Hsiao

Before embarking on developing rich media art and design, it is important to understand clearly how the medium itself works – what it is, its particular qualities, and considerations for its use.

This project is primarily research-based activity, articulated and shared through the medium of a ‘Wiki’. Students are expected to research the media subject they are assigned, and develop a simple rich media page – containing text, image, video, sound, etc. to clearly communicate the key ideas behind their subject.

2017-18 Semester 1 Years 1, 2 & 3 – Hello World

The first project of the year encourages collaboration between students in years 1-3. Through a number of exercise students are asked to consider their role as artists and designers who see the world differently and question how, through personal observations, they spot opportunity, beauty, and meaning in things others hadn’t noticed. As a group, they define a compelling presentation to convey the most interesting findings of their collective observations.

2017-18 Semester 1 Year 2 – Control

What other ways can we use to control a computer, other than simply using a keyboard and a mouse? This project seeks to explore a range of hardware input methods – buttons, switches, sliders, knobs – and how, when used singly and in combination, they can affect computer-based realtime environments.

Students are introduced to physical computing toolsets such as Arduino. Using Arduino to facilitate the tactile user interface, students explored the context of control beyond its literal term, to create compelling interactive forms.

Marita Pappa

Lambert Segura

Cassie McAveety