2016-17 Term 2 Year 2 – EcoSystems

Hana Seo

In Ecosystems students are introduced to the new domain of classes, polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation. Object-Oriented Programming techniques can be used in many ways and in many contexts and can greatly help in managing larger projects. In this project students look at OOP through the lens of artificial life, paralleling the function and structure of this approach with natural processes.

2016-17 Term 2 Year 2 – Typographic


Sam Velebny

This project aims to explore text in many forms: graphic and pictorial, structural,
and interpretative. Students are encouraged to not only expected to consider text
graphically and pictorially but also engage with the manipulation of the structure
and meaning of a text. They explore text as a malleable encoded form, demonstrate how to assemble and disassemble it, use it as a data form, and more. Areas of particular interest are formal rule systems for type layout and letterforms.

2016-17 Term 2 Year 1 – Product Design CoLab


Sally Nimmo and Callum Blair

Interactions are part of the use and experience of products as well as services. This project brought together GSA students from Product Design and Interaction Design. In assigned groups, students observed and investigated the activities people are engaged with through their interactions with physical object, activity, process or service; the tasks being carried out and the outcomes achieved. Together in interdisciplinary teams students reviewed and re-designed interactions and presented the final experience using a working prototype.

2016-17 Term 2 Year 3 – Motion Graphics


Grant Glennie

There are many and varied approaches to making film, graphics, and multimedia it is therefore timely to engage with a range of moving-image works, their context, and the process of their making. Using either a piece of poetry, a monologue from a favourite film or strongly felt topic students are required to use this as a starting point to create a 2min 15sec piece of motion graphics that exploit creative and story-telling abilities.