2015-16 Honours Project – Sámuel Setényi


Sámuel Setényi

This project aims to extend the traditional Portuguese art form of patterned tiles (azulejos) by incorporating digital processes. I used various digital techniques, including procedural imagery and 3D design, to create a piece that ties in with the tradition and cultural context of this art form. The final piece, the result of a specifically digital process, is an engaging, artistically driven response that takes this Portuguese tradition further with contemporary means of digital technology in a meaningful way.

2015-16 Honours Project – Simon Sloan

Simon Sloan

An interactive installation that lets the user control an unstable ecosystem of islands and boats. Based on my time growing up on a small island and the expansive history of events across the Scottish isles, looking into social, industrial and environmental challenges. These challenges inspire the semi-physical environment in which the user controls the locations of islands. The result is a flow of resources, a shifting stream of boats that push and pull across the seascape.

2015-16 Honours Project – Callum Richie

Callum Richie
Data Cultures is an interactive project that explores the realm of data visualization. It is an interpretative piece that plays upon the similarities between the emergent nature of ‘the social network’ (specifically Twitter), and the growth and spread of a bacterial species.The project uses the visual metaphor of a petri-dish  to frame and analyse a snapshot of real-time Twitter activity. As Tweets containing a specified word are received, they are visualised in the form of generative creatures, who’s attributes and resilience are based on the content their defining Tweet, and the creator’s profile.

2015-16 Term 3 Year 3 – Data Visualisation

Frank Conway

Data is everything and everywhere. How do we make sense of such ‘big data’? This project aims to equip students with the ability to visually encode data using procedural methods, exploring different graphing ‘types’, spatial and temporal mapping, and the use of scale, colour, and position to create meaningful, interpretative realisations of multi-dimensional information.

2015-16 Term 3 Year 2 – Digital Self-Portrait


Michael Galbraith

Students were asked to create one abstract sculpture based on the notion of ‘identity’ by exploring the native characteristics offered by; a 3d printer and its filament, laser cut plastic or paper sculpture. The starting point for this project was identity, both physical and virtual.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 3 – Design Domain Part 2

Pawel Kudel

This project was inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and submitted for The Glasgow School of Art’s ‘Design Domain’ brief. The sound reactive Processing application simulates how easy it is to lose attention and concentration in information-saturated  21st C society.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 2 – Design Domain Part 2


Grant Glennie

Grant Glennie’s work focused on the core theme of order/disorder as well as the line between sanity and lunacy. His project, about mental disorders that can cause illusions and hallucinations, was communicated through the use of Braille. His work was selected for exhibition in the Grace and Clarke Fyfe Gallery as part of the Shakespeare anniversary.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 1 – Design Domain Part 2


Zexuan Qiao

Design Domain is a School of Design in-studio course that takes place over two blocks in Term1 and Term 2, thus fostering a depth and intensity of experience. The Design Domain remit is to consolidate awareness of design in the broader cultural field, highlighting the relationship between the studio’s specialist subject area and other bodies of knowledge out with the studio discipline but connectable to it.

2015-16 Term 2 Year 3 – Audio Visual


Karolina Kucha

This brief project was an exploration of the visualisation of sound within Processing. Students were expected to create an interpretative sound reactive visual application.In practical terms, this meant creating a simple animated graphic response to the playback of sounds.