2013-14 Term 1 First Year Project 3 – T-Shirt

Tee_Template_1200x1200 6

Project Title: Creative Collaboration

Project Leader: Inga Paterson

Project Overview:

This project has three main aims:

  • Task 1: The first aim is to learn in a collaborative way by completing a series of software tutorials together.

  • Task 2: The second aim is to research crowd power and experience first hand how social media can impact on your creative work.

  • Task 3: The third aim is to follow a brief that has a defined set of design criteria.


Tee_Template_1200x1200_v02Morning RidebriefThree_TeeShirtFinal_20131008(2) kirstinMechanDesignv01 WP_20131008_003 TeeShirtFinal_2_20131008 threadless_20131014_v05blog

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